I'm Fern


A Dentist, boss lady, yoga and embodiment teacher, entrepreneur and mentor dedicated to giving Dental & Medical Women back their freedom.


Vietnamese born, but now an Aussie at heart, Dr. Fern White came ‘by boat’ to Australia as a 2 year old refugee.
Her migrant parents pushed her hard to ‘succeed’.

And succeed she has: now a mama, Dentist, boss lady of an all female team in Port Melbourne, yoga and embodiment teacher, entrepreneur, coach and personal growth afficionado. She is making waves around the world for founding the rst online platform for Dental Women that helps them remove the stress of dentistry and take back control of their lives.

Dr. Fern purchased her practice in 2009, after climbing the Dental rungs. Six months in, she had a panic attack. She was depleted – overworked with endless staff challenges, constant searing physical pain, financial stress, relationship breakdown and anxiety. Dr. Fern faced a seemingly insurmountable list of problems that are accepted as ‘the norm’ by so many others in her industry. However, Dr. Fern’s breakdown was also a true breakthrough: in hitting rock bottom she realised the most important investment we can make in this lifetime is into ourselves.
When she changed, her life and the whole world around her changed.
She went from working 6 days in her clinic down to 2 and found ways to still doubled her pro ts. She stopped living for other people and started living for herself.

Now, other Dental Women find their freedom through her online training program, free masterclasses, daily doses of V-log inspiration and an audience across Australasia, the UK and the USA. In excess of 150 women have already transformed their lives and careers by going through her revolutionary online program, “Practice Your Passion”.

Committed to making a difference in the world, Dr Fern is a living example of everything she teaches and shares. Participants in her programs and workshops are consistently blown away by just how down to earth, relatable and inspiring Fern actually is. Her teachings allow women to tap into their natural feminine super powers, opening their innate intuition and wisdom.

Dr.Fern believes that she can create change in the medical industry by supporting women to step into their inherent power as Medicine Women – This lets them heal with their hearts, not just with their heads and regimented science training. Dr. Fern has been featured in Dumbo Feather Magazine, Of Kin, Bite Magazine, International podcasts, SBS TV and the ‘I came by Boat’ Campaign.



There is certainly more to life than dentistry alone.

I’m passionate about being a voice for the part of you thats wondering ‘Is this it?’

I’ve appeared in Dumbo Feather, Bite Magazine for Dentists, SBS and the ‘I came by Boat’ campaign for asylum seekers. I’m here to make a difference to the medical world!

One of the things I often get asked is: “How did this all start?”

Being from a migrant family, my parents instilled in me discipline and hard work. Success was all about being a boss lady – a dentist, doctor or lawyer. So, I did the due diligence, climbed up to rungs to become a dental surgeon and own my own clinic. But I was also always passionate about different, seemingly unconnected things: Spirituality, yoga, embodiment, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, coaching and female leadership in business, just to name a few.

However, I became consumed by dentistry… 6 months into buying my practice, I had my first panic attack. I was so depleted after working in the business 6 days a week then on the business every other second I had. Staff were my biggest source of stress – the only thing consistent about them was how unreliable they were! I didn’t know how to manage them, I just wanted to be liked.

Dentistry – and a tonne of stress – meant I was constantly in searing back, neck and shoulder pain that required cortisone injections just to maintain my commitments. I was constantly anxious about everything – how to make more money to keep the business afloat; how to retain patients and staff. My relationships were suffering. Mama guilt always hanging over me.

I became consumed by dentistry…

Take control
of your entire
Life & Business



Then I realised that I had stopped investing in the most important tool of all: Myself.

I realised that when I changed, my life changed and the whole world around me changed. I went from working 6 days down to 2 and still doubled my profits that year. I stopped living for other people and started living for myself. I stopped dreaming about a life woven with all of my seemingly unconnected passions, and worked my butt off to make it a reality.

Practice Your Passion was born!

This movement is here to help YOU – dental women, to take back control of your day and create a life that you love.

Get back your freedom. Fall in love with dentistry, and life, all over again. No more feeling pulled in different directions.
No more feeling anxious, stressed out over staff and patients. No more feeling the pinch of how to keep the money coming.

Make it a reality.

Follow me on this journey as we find ourselves again.


I share through loads of free content, daily vlogs, paid online training programs and anything else that we might offer. The vast majority of our content is free to you, I am deeply committed to seeing other leading dental women saying YES to having a life that’s fulfilling in more ways than just having a successful career.

And, I’m deeply humbled that every day more women are choosing to invest in themselves and journey with me through the Practice Your Passion programs.

– Dr. Fern White

Don’t just take my word for it…

“It’s so nice to turn up to a positive place of work where everyone wants to be there and I have Dr Fern White to thank for my happy day! No one complaining or blaming. No one sulks around in a bad mood and there is never bitchiness in a practice full of woman. Yes, we all have bad days but Fern’s skills in selecting the correct staff (it’s a process!) and managing the team are masterful! If you want a happier place of work, do her programme I am learning so much from this woman!”

Dr. Becky D