I woke up and found my mind racing 🤔

Darting from one issue to solve to another issue.

It is almost as if it is obsessed with thinking, with spinning itself into a frenzy.😣

How much I have to do… what if I don’t hire the right person… why did that staff member have to quit when I was away, how could she do that?

Subscribing to the story that someone always quits when I am on holidays.

And I found myself jumping straight online and before I knew it, I was scrolling through the feed. Information overload everywhere, distraction everywhere.

But it was almost as if I craved that… to distract me from feeling whatever it is that needs to be felt.

Distracted with doing.. thinking. Only to find that my nervous system was getting twitchy again. It obviously does not know the difference between real threat and perceived threat.

It was all stress ⚡️

And here I was, in the middle of the greatest 270 degree view of the ocean, and my mind ceased to acknowledge how amazing that is. I didn’t see the beauty of everything around me.

Instead it wants to keep being distracted, keep worrying about what I need to do.

So, what did I do?

Move my body. Turn on the music and just let my body move the way it needed too.

Move the thoughts, the stories, the worries.

Move the numbness, the distraction.💃🏻

Whatever I felt, I allowed my body to move it through me.

In no particular sequence or order or choreography. Just move. Without an end result or focus or goal. Allowing my body’s natural wisdom to move, shake out my nervous system and equilibrate.

Then, I raced to the ocean and without thinking too much, jumped in. All in. No dipping my feet into the cold water, no thinking because the 90 seconds before jumping into the cold water is always the hardest. The easiest to wuss out on.

So, I didn’t give it 90 seconds.

Then, I came back and sat down to 10min of guided meditation. Stepping back from the craziness of my mind.. and how easily I can get sucked back into the old habits.

So, if you’re feeling your mind go crazy, the first step is to just notice that.

Then, you need more than just the mind problem solving itself. You can’t solve those problems from the mind only with the mind – you can spin yourself into a tornado or the mind will just trick itself into a solution. It’s far too intelligent for that.

And you will think you feel better – only to find yourself erupting over something small later.. or playing the same old frenzied patterns shortly.

Moving the body is the key. Dance it out. Shake it out. Bounce it out. Non Linear Move it out. At first it may seem awkward and stuck. So move the awkward and stuck. But soon, the body knows best.

And it bring itself back to homeostasis. So that the brain doesn’t hijack and take over.🤕