Recently I had some IV nutrients injected straight into my veins…

I was in LA with a friend, Dr Val, and I trusted her suggestion to give this very unique treatment a go…

She took me to visit an amazing ‘Naturopath Doctor’…in Australia where I’m from we have Naturopaths, but not Naturopath Doctors, so the whole experience was very new to me!

Dr Kelly Bender fed me, straight through an IV drip, a cocktail of Vitamin C which is an incredible antioxidant, all the B group Vitamins, extra B12 to help with my jetlag, calcium, magnesium, selenium, zinc, trace minerals for hydration and she even threw in some Taurine for extra energy!

I take SO many vitamins, so I was a bit skeptical to begin with because I couldn’t imagine why I’d need to do this too.

I learned though, just how powerful this technique is for people from all walks of life.

Many people in today’s society have digestive issues and therefore trouble absorbing their nutrients. For example people with low stomach acid, Crohn’s or Colitis simply can’t absorb their nutrients, so this gets it straight into their veins so their body can absorb everything.

I got the ‘Jetsetter IV’ – this is created specifically for travellers with jetlag. It’s designed to help with hydration and to support your body to recover from the excess radiation from being up so high in the plane. Amazing!

I learned that even if you take lots of vitamins, your body can only absorb so many. Your gut literally becomes saturated.

With the IV nutrients, you can provide the body with a big bolus dose with high concentrations of all of the ingredients to super-saturate your cells and help the body perk right up!

I was absolutely fascinated by this experience, and used it as an opportunity to put myself first and nurture my body after lots and lots of travelling.

Remember, you can’t serve ANYONE from a place of depletion.

Put yourself first so you have the energy you need to give to the ones you love, your own patients and your clinic…