Fern explores topics at the heart of healing via medicine and dentistry:

  • Mental Health for Practitioners
  • Female Business Ownership
  • Female Embodiment
  • Stress and Anxiety Reduction
  • Pleasure and Relationships
  • Patient & Staff Communication
  • Patient Treatment & Healing

Fern at a glance:

  • Business owner with $2M+ turnover
  • Mother to young daughter
  • Partner of 14 years
  • Expert dentist after 15 years of practice
  • Founder of “Practice Your Passion”, 220+ dental women online program and community
  • Trained speaker and workshop facilitator

Recent Speaking Events

  • Icons of Dentistry – USA
  • Divas in Dental – Spain
  • Dentistry by Women – Sydney, Australia
  • Melbourne University Dental Graduation
  • Australian Dental Association Annual Conference
enjoying life


  • Born post-war Vietnam 1981
  • Refugee by boat to Australia via Malaysia
  • Dental practice owner for 8 years
  • Dentistry expertise grown over 15 years
  • Online course “Practice Your Passion” with 220+ women dentists

Live a life you absolutely love.

– Dr. Fern White

Don’t just take my word for it…

“It’s so nice to turn up to a positive place of work where everyone wants to be there and I have Dr Fern White to thank for my happy day! No one complaining or blaming. No one sulks around in a bad mood and there is never bitchiness in a practice full of woman. Yes, we all have bad days but Fern’s skills in selecting the correct staff (it’s a process!) and managing the team are masterful! If you want a happier place of work, do her programme I am learning so much from this woman!”

Dr. Becky D