I was recently fortunate enough to see Bo Eason speak live at an event. He’s an incredible speaker and I’ve been a big fan of his for a while.

He gave us three take home things that we must do when we get on stage to get the audience to trust us!

So I translated that into ‘How do you get your patients to love you more?’ – because when they LOVE you more, they will trust you.

When they trust you, they will accept your treatment plans!

Number 1

Get really personal with them! Show them your vulnerabilities. Be real with your patients.

Don’t just sit opposite them in your white clinical gown on your high horse, looking at them as your ‘patient’ while you are the ‘doctor’! Be real and personal. Connect with them as a human being!

That’s when they start to see you and trust you.

Number 2

Use your physicality when you are with them. When you’re walking, when you’re speaking, use your hands, use everything you can to come alive!

Use your body as an instrument rather than sitting there stiff as a mofo!

Use everything you’ve got to come alive and express yourself. Allow the realness of you to come through your body instead of just speaking.

Your patients will trust a certain amount of what you say with your mouth, but your body doesn’t lie and they will sense that! Thats where these incredible instruments called our bodies that can help us connect with other people’s bodies!

Number 3!

Be really generous with your information!

Generosity is the key to everything!

Give it all you’ve got. Give them everything. Don’t expect! This relationship is NOT tit for tat! Give them free consults!

Give them the information, your job is to just bombard them with all the information that is right for them.

When you give them so much value, they will come around eventually.

Give, give, give and you WILL receive!

Hit reply and let me know which one of these you’re MOST inspired to implement more of with your patients.