I recently got an incredible opportunity, to have a ‘voice lesson’ with the amazing Mr Roger Love!

If you haven’t heard of him (I hadn’t up until a year ago!) he is incredible, he’s a sensation! He is the voice coach to some of the biggest Hollywood stars. Walk the Line’s Reece Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix. A Star is Born’s Bradley Cooper…

He basically teaches people who can’t even sing, to go from A to B and be rock stars!

So I had this incredible privilege of going to see him for a voice lesson.

I was going in with open arms! I was ready for him to give me anything… Because I knew he would piece apart something.

So there I was sitting in his studio, and the first thing he said when he called me in was ‘Fern, I’ve researched you!’ – he’d already done some homework on me!

I was like ‘Oh my god, what have you seen!?’

He’d looked on my website – my dental website unfortunately – and saw a video from about 5 years ago. I was very embarassed!

He said to me “Fern, just talk for me…”

So he got me to stand there and just start to speak to him. And of course, it was very unnerving. I’m in the studio, there’s records and awards everywhere…I’m talking to the man himself…

And I’m trying to speak normally. And I’m not normal! I’m everything BUT normal!

So we get through the lesson, and he managed to articulate perfectly something that I had been feeling in my voice…

For years, people have said to me “Fern, you are so calming, listening to you is so meditative…”

It’s incredible – because that had been my identity for my voice.

Roger saw through all of that.

He uncovered it. And basically within 30 minutes or so, he allowed me to be able to talk! I was projecting my voice out – something I had never been able to do! I’d always hid behind a microphone to sound calming, or whatever it was that this identity that I had was about.

Roger completely pierced through that, and showed me just ONE thing that unlocked me. It unlocked the edge in my voice, the power in my voice!

My voice has sounded different to me since!

So right now, I want you to imagine. What is your voice sounding like right now?

He helped me pull my voice apart and to start with it felt like it didn’t even sound like me, but then I got used to it and realised that this was me actually unlocking my real voice!

With your voice at the moment, what are you hiding behind?

Who are you pretending to be?

What is your true identity? What is it that you really want for your voice?

Dig deep and start to feel that.

I wanted to let go of my calm, yogic persona. These are great compliments, but I knew that I wanted power in my voice!

So whatever it is that you want right now in your voice, write it down and see how you can get it. Because you CAN!

Now, you don’t have to go all the way to Los Angeles and pay money to see a coach like Roger Love, but do something differently! Find your voice! Practice. Keep talking.

Keep speaking out loud. And I promise you will get there.

So that’s what I’m practicing and what I’m committed to right now! I want to be able to project my power through my voice so that I can inspire many more women out there!