During my trip to the USA, I found myself on a hike with another fantastic doctor I connected with through the speaking circuit.

It was an incredible day, the view was amazing, and we were surrounded by cacti!

We were in cactus country, right in my new friends back yard, and I got thinking about how beautiful these amazing plants actually are.

They stand steadfast despite the crazy conditions the arid landscape has to offer them. Sometimes it’s windy and crazy. Sometimes its blistering heat.

And the cacti stand firm and find the resources to keep growing and surviving.

To me, that is all about courage.

Right now, in all of our lives, I know there is somewhere you could be just a little bit more courageous!

There is someone you might need to talk to. Something that you might need to start.There is a dream that you want to reveal to the world.

And what does it take for you to be able to actually openly say that out loud? That’s courage.

For me, courage comes in the form of just repeatedly showing up for your truth.Despite the odds. Despite the judgements. Despite the criticism.

Consistently taking that step, despite the craziness that is going on in your life. To continue to commit to that dream.

That takes so much courage.

It’s easy to fall down and become safe and secure in your comfort zone.

But to go beyond that comfort zone, to just move to the edge. To feel that prickly pear, is pure courage!

I know for me, when I think about courage, I think back to the first time I was challenged to do a live video on facebook. To speak of my dream. I’ve done hundreds of lives now, but back  then, I was terrified.

I had always kept my personal and professional lives so separate. And I didnt want them to cross over.

So I was challenged to put that live video out, and I felt sick. I was so scared.

Its obscene to think that I could go into surgery and feel comfortable slicing and dicing in someone’s mouth, but there I was, scared of being seen.

I was scared of being seen, and I was scared of being judged.

But I persisted, I did it. Despite all the craziness in my head.

And you know what? It felt amazing. Even though I felt sick afterwards.

And then I did it again. And again. I showed up every day, and I made a commitment to do that. Even though I didn’t want to. Even though there was a voice in my head giving me all the  reasons why I shouldn’t.

For me it was about looking out to the bigger picture, knowing the mission I was there to serve.

I loved receiving the reminder from the cacti. To stand firm. Stand tall. In the midst of the craziness.

Because no doubt, as you move into your courage, you will be challenged. There will be people and circumstances that want to pull you down.

You find your strength in yourself. In your ability to keep committing despite everything else.