I was shopping recently when I was overseas. I was about to buy a bag. A bag that was a lot more expensive that what I would normally have bought at home in Australia.

I was standing there in the store, and my first reflex was actually to try to contact my husband back home in Australia. I wanted to ask him his opinion of the bag, whether it was worth it…

I just thought to myself ‘Hold on a second Fern, what are you doing? Whose permission are you asking for? Why are you not deciding yourself that this bag, you are worth it! Why do you have to ask other people to validate your opinions? To make sure that you feel good about yourself? To make sure that you are worthy?’

I started to think about all the amazing women I know. So many of us were brought up in  such a way that we needed to ask permission for so much. I grew up in a very strict family where I had to literally ask permission from my parents – particularly my father – for everything. My freedom was literally in the palm of his hands. I could not do anything without his permission!

It starts with permission slips at school…We are literally geared to have to please other people and ask permission for our own lives!

And it is absolutely insane! Absolutely insane if you think about!

You have this ONE life! You are FREE! You are everything that you want to be, but you pull yourself down, you belittle yourself. You make yourself feel that you are not worthy.

And you have to ask a million other people about their opinions on this one thing…

Because at the end of the day, you don’t trust yourself.

Lady, it is TIME to stop asking for everyone else’s permission for the things you want to do.

If you want to do something, get out there and DO IT! Just do it for yourself!

Because you will find, that you are worth it! You ARE worth it!

Stop asking a million other opinions. Decide on what you want for yourself and go for your dreams! Go for it!

If you want to go away on a trip, make it happen. If you want to open your own surgery, do it!

What is your outcome? What is it that you want? Make it crystal clear!

Because what is stopping you at this point, is actually the uncertainty, the indecision about the outcome.

Find out what you want, and go for it.

Don’t ask anyone else’s permission!

You have this life. The one life, and it is so sacred!

We just don’t realise how blessed we are to be here in this life.

The lottery that we have won to be here right now….Don’t waste it.

Don’t ask permission. GO FOR IT!