It’s so interesting…Money is a topic that we want to talk about. But there’s this little dirty sensation to it…Like we don’t want to appear greedy!

But the truth is, it’s not about the money.

It’s about the freedom that that money buys us!

Ultimately we want to feel free. That’s why we want and need to earn more. We want to earn more efficiently. We want to work less.

I spoke at a conference recently and I had a conversation with a woman there who watched my presentation. She said “you know what Fern, you turned over double in your surgery while halving your dental days. But there’s just no way that can happen in my country and in my town. I have insurances that restrict me (etc) and there’s just no way its going to happen…”

The truth is, right there, she upper limited herself!

She completely knocked out any chance of her having financial freedom, or even opening up the thought that it was even possible to even double her turnover!

Because she already had this firm belief in her head that that was it! That was all she could do!

Not only did she have this belief, but she had ALL the evidence to support it. Because it had been so deeply entrenched in her mind…

What is holding her back, is JUST the thought. Just that belief.

Because the truth is, if you let go of that belief, and create a new belief that says “Yes, I am capable of that, and I am worthy of that and I will find a way!”

Your brain – your mind – will calibrate, and create a strategy, a way to make that happen!

But while you still have those beliefs – the ones that are deeply ingrained in you – all your excuses that you’re running right now…They will become your reality.

So what is holding you back right now from creating the freedom?

From creating the financial freedom? Creating the life that you absolutely dream to have?

The only thing – I’m telling you, the ONLY thing – that is standing in your way right now, is you and your beliefs.

So change them.

Change them! And then we’ll come back to the drawing board and create strategy around those new changed beliefs!