I recently spent a few massive days at a healing retreat with a group of other amazing women in California…

There are so many layers on top of us in life that have to be peeled away.

We all need healing.

I need healing.

I want to share one of my biggest revelations with you…

You’re doing everything. Yes!

You’re the boss lady. You’re the wife. The mumma.

The dental lady.

The alpha woman.

No doubt you’re tired. You’re stretched thin.

And if you have a fire in you that you HAVE to hold yourself. You’ve got yourself, and you have to protect yourself…I just want you to know what the biggest revelation I got from this healing retreat I did was…

Yes, you can hold yourself. You are strong. You are powerful. You are more powerful than you  think you are. You’ve got that, and that’s great…

But sometimes, the most important thing, when you are THIS strong, when you are this fiery, when you are this GO GO! Is that you must, you MUST let other people hold you as well.

You must surrender.

Allow yourself to receive. Receive the care, the nurturing, the healing of other people.

Your partner – you need to surrender to your man from time to time and let him hold you!

Surrender to your friends. Ask for help.

Because if you don’t do that, you will create a void inside of you.

You will become empty.

And when you are empty, you cannot serve from that place! You cannot give your fullest. You can’t heal other people. Your patients, your children. You can’t look after them.

So, Medicine Woman, I know you have got yourself. You can hold yourself. We’ve established that and its amazing.

But why don’t you let other people hold you? Surrender, and see what happens.

This is not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of STRENGTH for you to do that!

And it’s so, so, SO important!