One of the hardest things to do is to FIRE staff.

Staff, for most dentists, would be the number 1 issue they face.

“If my staff were better…” – I hear versions of this all the time!

The reality is that you need to realise that you are responsible for your staff. You need to take it on the chin and take responsibility – they reflect YOU.

If they are not the staff you are wanting right now, you need to start thinking differently.

Rather than blaming externally, think “Okay, what was my responsibility here?” or “How was I at fault?” “What didn’t I say?” or “What was I unclear about?”

Start to take it on the chin as a leader and that will uncover some big secrets about why your staff are the way they are!

Something we often do as Dentists is we hire very quickly. We want to fill that space and we can get desperate. We’re too scared of the unknown.

Along with that fear, we worry we’re not going to get anyone better, so we’ll also hold onto someone for too long! We fear whats on the other side…We fear that we’ve spent so much time training them up and we start thinking about what if we have to do that again!

So you’ll stay in the discomfort even if that staff member is not right for you, instead of having that conversation or warning to let that staff member know they may not be the right person for you.

When you can start to really let go of this fear of not having or finding the right person, that will make space for the right person to come through!

Set it up for them and make it easy for them to go as well!

If you’ve exhausted all other avenues – clear performance reviews and clear communication with your team, and your staff are still not working, you need to let them go!

And when you are willing to sit in the unknown, the right person will come to you!

When I reflect on the incredible team I have, I know its because I have let people go, or the wrong people have gone on their own accord.