I’m Dr. Fern

Speaker, dentist, boss lady, yoga and embodiment teacher, entrepreneur, coach and mentor. Dedicated to giving Dental and Medicine Women back their freedom.

Medicine Woman, find out how to empty your bucket of stress and anxiety:

DAILY videos where we talk about Life, Business & Success.

Mind, body, emotions, pain, energy, pleasure,  relationships and communication.

“Laugh out loud. It IS the second best thing you can do with your mouth…”

Dr. Fern

You are what you do daily.

We are creatures of habit.
My coaching and courses point you towards developing your own daily rituals as these underpin your results.

It’s all within my 8-Week “Practice Your Passion” course…



Listen: Dr. Megan

“i’d simply had enough…

Fern’s course got me through the week, and now… i’m actually amazing to be around!”

Dr. Megan

The change begins with you

I am so proud that this program is not only
DIFFERENT, that it is creating a DIFFERENCE.

This is not just another business or dental course!